My Best Summer Foot Forward: Micro-Pedi


So by now, you all know I take pretty meticulous care of my nails. I paint my own nails and almost never let a salon touch them. When it comes to my toe nails, I usually do them myself most of the year, but then during the summer I might get one or two pedicures in a salon just to make sure they're in tip-top shape. One of the best parts about a pedicure is how pretty everything below your ankle is overall afterwards!

I generally have always used a flat buffer board for my feet in the shower to try to keep them smooth, but sometimes I'm not sure they do the best job. When I was offered to test out a trial sample of the Emjoi Micro-Pedi, I said "Yes, please!" This handheld buffer for your tootsies is just the perfect size. I have small hands, so small appliances are always winners in my book.

The buffer roller spins a crazy 30 times per second, but it's a fine-enough grade that it's not going to tear up your feet. I have used it three times since receiving the unit, and the first time I tried it, I used it on my dry feet. I did notice at certain angles the roller would almost catch or tug on my skin, but that was easy to remedy by just altering the way I positioned it. When I used it on my feet after a shower, I feel like it was more gentle because my skin was soft and ready to be all prettied up. 

I don't really get calluses on my feet, but my skin can get dry and rough. Here's where it gets a little funny - all the dry skin dust that the Micro-Pedi collects tells you that you're doing some good to your feet, but also looks a lil' nasty. After my first use, I turned it over and said "Oh crap!" I would say that because it does this, it would be best to probably do this over your bathtub so the dust doesn't end up all over your floor. For your viewing pleasure, I totally included a photo of this: 

AIN'T THAT NASTY?! Oh well, it means it's working, ha! 

A great bit of information that came with the Micro-Pedi was that the Micro-Pedi is the ONLY motorized callous remover to have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. That's pretty rad. You know it's not going to, like, eat a toe or something. 

So far I've loved using this little machine! It's way more effective than a buffing board, and it fits right into my little bathroom cubby drawers. Since I can at least paint my own toes, I know now that the rest of my feet can be kept in tip-top shape in between my rare stops to a salon.

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Although this product was provided to me as a trial sample, the opinions are my own. I would never yap about a product on my blog that I did not support or feel would be of interest to my readers. 

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