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switch | the blog

This blog has grown out of a previous effort that was previously called Stilettos on Sunday Morning. As time changes, so does presentation and style! This website was long due for a refresh.

The blog will continue to focus on lifestyle, events in STL, music, and style, but all with a much more queer twist! Representation matters, and hopefully this site can help foster that in a digital space.

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switch | the party

Saint Louis, MO exudes a Midwestern heat and energy that is full of LGBTQIA+ power. However, it can be difficult to find spaces that are founded with the purpose of total inclusivity.

Founded in May of 2018, SWITCH aims to provide a safe space for queer folx 18 & up an evening of affordable fun, underground dance party vibes, without having to worry about compromising their safety. We hope to progress on a monthly basis for as long as we can continue to grow, learn, and support our community.

We strive to also create an online presence to share things we’re passionate aboutβ€”everything from articles, to fun quizzes, to information about local LGBTQIA+ events, to of course our main love behind SWITCH: queer music. Like our Facebook Page for updates, events, and more!