Hey queer family & allies! One half of this site focuses on the party side of Switch.

behind SWITCH:

  • To create a queer-centered party in a queer-founded venue.

  • To provide a space for under 21 adults to party with their community.

  • To accommodate those celebrating sobriety.

  • To focus on party, not profits.

  • To expand the queer party boundaries past The Grove.

Saint Louis, MO exudes a Midwestern heat and energy that is full of LGBTQIA+ power. However, it can be difficult to find spaces that are founded with the purpose of total inclusivity. Questions that arise include: Where do young queer folx find places to mingle, party, and dance before they turn 21? Where can queer folx find a space that is not designed to be enjoyed only while drinking? How can events be made more affordable? How can you trust that profits do not come before the party?

Founded in May of 2018, SWITCH aims to provide a safe space for queer folx 18 & up an evening of affordable fun, underground dance party vibes, without having to worry about compromising their safety.

Still in its early stages, SWITCH has partied monthly at Livery Company on Broadway. We hope to progress on a (mostly) monthly basis for as long as we can continue to grow, learn, and support our community.

We strive to also create an online presence to share things we’re passionate about—everything from articles, to fun quizzes, to information about local LGBTQIA+ events, to of course our main love behind SWITCH: music.

Unfortunately, Livery does not have an accessible entrance - there are two steps at the front entrance. There are two doors and at least two steps at the back entrance. Livery also does not have wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. Livery only offers street parking. If you have any questions, please let us know and we will try accommodate. We are working hard to make this party available to EVERYONE and still may make changes in the future.

- - -
Thank you for joining us! Please stay tuned as we update and expand!

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