Highlighter Heels and Printed Pants

Do you have any items in your wardrobe that get you stopped on the street multiple times when you wear them? I have a few, and one in particular is this pair of heels I snatched on super sale from Aldo a few holiday seasons ago. 

These puppies are BRIGHT, and I love them for that. I originally purchased them because I wanted a serious statement heel. Little did I know that they would have more oomph than I expected... Do you think that they look a little day-glow-y in the above photo that Miles snapped? You're not imagining it! The first night I wore these out dancing, I quickly realized that they're black-light reactive. I DO NOT remember the web page mentioning that in the description. Check it out:

At the moment, one of the trends I tend to sport is the pop of color theme. I like having one piece that draws all the attention to it. When rocking these heels, I typically either go out in a totally crazy outfit full of vibrancy, or I play it cool with black and white. I opted for the latter option so that I could also showcase one of my new favorite wardrobe additions: my printed jogger pants!  

These are from maurices, and are amazingly soft. I love working in retail because I not only get to look super cute every day (and therefore inspire my customers to do the same), I am able to wear pants that feel like pajamas! Who would argue with that?

Miles was being ultra fancy this night with his remote flash, and although the wind made my hair look pretty fabulous, it also threatened to knock over his tripod a few times. The photo on the above right was snapped after the moment I shouted "OH!" and gestured wildly at his tripod as it almost took a nosedive. It's a pretty adorkable candid if I do say so myself. 

I don't actually wear a lot of gold-tone jewelry. I think silver-toned jewelry and my sterling silver pieces feel most natural to me. I believe I can tie this back to my lifeguarding days, where I learned that sterling silver shone brightest against a majorly tan skin background! However, this little chain makes its way into a lot of my outfits just because it's simple yet also adds some glam. 

So if you haven't noticed, my photographer Miles is pretty amazing. I wanted to have this shoot to have more of an urban, dramatic feeling. We headed to South Grand and found this spot right outside the Gelateria del Leone - one of my favorite places in the city. There was a funky light above the laundromat on the corner, and it gave us some pretty fancy effects with backlighting. I think the below image is one of my all-time favorite photos of me! Dramatic lighting, hair blowing in the wind... 

In other news... Tomorrow night is a big night for bloggers in Saint Louis! I'm attending the first ever Saint Louis Fashion Week VIP Style Blogger Lounge. This amazing evening brings together 15 Saint Louis-based brands to meet and connect with local bloggers. I can't wait to hang with my blogger babes and check out the beauty bar, bites, and beverages, as well as hopefully make some amazing networking ties for my baby blog! Look for a post on that in the coming weeks! 

Thanks for reading! <3

Photography: Miles Gaudet - http://www.miles-gaudet.com/

Outfit Details:
Heels: Aldo (past season)
Leather Jacket: Thrifted 
Semi-sheer knit tank: Forever21 (past season)
Jogger Pants: maurices (current!)
Necklace: H&M (past season)
Earrings: Thrifted 

Makeup Details: