Lady Rams Kickoff Party Recap

Happy Thursday, darlings! It's a beautiful and hot day in the Lou. I hope you're staying cool! 

Speaking of cool, that's certainly what I felt last Thursday when I rolled into the Lady Rams Kickoff Party! Do you remember my post all about the Lady Rams Program? You can find information HERE! The party was held in the upstairs/second floor lounge area of Budweiser Brew House, inside Ballpark Village. The German in me tried to write that as Brewhaus and I had to google it to make sure I didn't make an oops! This was my first time inside Ballpark Village, and I was definitely curious to check it out after all of the hullabaloo regarding dress code. It seems that the bars themselves have dress codes, but the open area when you first enter the premises does not. That was made rather clear by the tight, revealing clothing the women working the main space's big bar on the first floor. The bartenders inside of Brew House were not as exposed. Interesting... 

Upon entering the kickoff party, my date and I were greeted by two lovely young ladies who handed us each a glass of champagne. We wandered around a bit and found the food right away. We were hungry, what can I say! The spread was large and spanned quite a palate. Of course, I spied some toasted ravioli. I went for some hummus, veggies, and popcorn shrimp. I had to stick to food that was easy to shove in my face - no going to risk the chance of smudging my lipstick! 

We met up with some familiar faces that I had actually yet to meet in the real world, blogger Rachel Brandt and her husband, Bradley. You can find her blogging over at The Daily Wild. We hung out together at the back bar of the lounge and got to know each other. Our men snuck off for a smoke together and probably did some bonding as well!

Look how pretty the drinks were! Rams colors! I really liked the touch they added with coloring the sugar rims. Sweet and sippable. While trying the drinks and enjoying the food, it was fun to people watch. There were Rams team members floating throughout the crowd, being introduced. I definitely felt like I was part of a really upscale, powerful lady group. A lot of the women were dressed to the nines, and then you had some fun spirits decked out head-to-toe in Rams gear, some even complete with glittery rams horns! If you'd like to peep more photos from the event, ALIVE Magazine's photographer Matt Kile was there to capture all the fun. You'll even spy me being my usual silly self and over-enthusiastically explaining something or other to Rachel and Brittany of Love.Style.Transform.

I opted to wear something sassy yet comfortable to the event. As I've gotten more in shape over the last few months, I've really come to love my legs! I'm not much of a dress or skirt girl, but I'm branching out and starting to feel more at ease in those styles. It's all about confidence! And getting to show off my baby muscles, too... These heels are from maurices, which is where I'm a manager (come visit me at the Fenton location!). If you're a working lady, or just a lady who likes to wear a bit of a heel pretty often, I HIGHLY recommend the Lauren from maurices. I have these in two colors and love, love, love them! They're just the right height to give you that boost you crave, and are padded enough that your feet don't ache. 

Many thanks to the Lady Rams for giving me this opportunity! 

Thanks for stopping by! There are more Lady Rams events happening this summer and fall, so stay tuned to hear about them. I hope you'll join me at one of them! 

Outfit Details:
Button-Down: J. Crew, thrifted
Skirt: maurices (ON SALE! HERE)
Cami: maurices (current, HERE, in the color Surf the Web Blue)
Heels: maurices (ON SALE, HERE)
Necklace: maurcies (past season)
Bracelet: maurices (past season)
Earrings: maurices (past season)