Mani of the Week: Essie Chinchilly with Revlon Girly

Hey, everyone!

I hope your weekend was wonderful. Are you ready to start the new week?

I wanted to share last week's mani with you! This one was a simple yet fun one, featuring two of my favorite polishes. I always say that, don't I? I suppose I most often wear my favorites.

The grey color is Essie's Chinchilly. Do you remember when these grey tones were all the rage? A few fall/winter seasons ago, they were the "it" color. I believe it was late 2009 because I specifically recall wearing a Sally Hansen grey color while visiting my friend Meade in Denver over the holidays of 2009. Even better, I remember when "greige" was a term used for a lot of these grey polishes because many of them had a nude brown undertone. Isn't that a funny-sounding word?

Chinchilly is a great option for those looking for a neutral color, but are bored with their typical pinks and nudes. I think on my natural/light beige skin tone, it works quite well. If you have more red in your skin, it might look different on you. 

These photos were taken inside as it was dark outside at the time. No filter!

This fun pink from Revlon is called "Girly," and is a confetti-style glitter with a milky base. I put two coats of it over one coat of Chinchilly. I have typically always called this an "accent nail," but I recently had a friend call it their "party nail." I didn't know about that term! It sounds more silly to me than accent nail, but that's just my personal taste. I have worn this color alone before and liked it well like that, too. 

I kept my nails that ever-so-slightly square tip this time around, and although I do actually like it, I personally think it makes my polish chip faster! Does that make any sense at all? Maybe because the edges are at more of an angle, the polish has a harder time gripping to the nail? Who knows. 

This mani lasted about a full seven days before I had some significant chipping on the Chinchilly nails. Let me be clear that to me, significant chipping is probably the general public's idea of miniscule chipping. As I've said before, I like to keep my nails in tip-top shape! The formula on Chinchilly is near perfect, and super easy to apply. I still haven't bought a little brush for cleaning up cuticle edges, but you can see here I barely even needed that extra step. Girly is pretty easy to apply too, but with all chunky glitter polishes, it's hard to distribute the pieces evenly.

Polish Details:
Base Coat: Seche Vite
Top Coat: Seche Vite
*** All opinions are my own. The polishes were purchased by me.