Mani of the Week: Marc Jacobs Enamored

Y'all know I can't afford most of those "finer things in life." Designer shoes, purses, what have you. I don't even know if I would if I could. I love thrifting and saving my money that way. When it comes to nail polish, I still typically stay on the $10 and under side of things. 

That's why I feel super lucky to have some people in my life who know how much I adore nail polish. For instance, a couple birthdays ago, my friend Meade gifted me Deborah Lippman's Swagga Like Us, which is one of the most incredible polishes I've ever owned. It's an amazing color-shifting gold. Before this addition to my arsenal, I had one Deborah Lippman polish, Fashion, which I specifically sought out because Lady Gaga wore it on the cover of Vogue. I'm a sucker like that. 

This past Christmas, my boyfriend's sister/family gifted me a new fancy designer polish! Marc Jacobs' Enamored polish line comes in super cute, rounded bottles. I received Le Charm Bronze, which is a difficult color to describe. It's a metallic shimmer, based in nude beige. It has a pink tone to it, but I can definitely see where they got bronze from. 

Above left: Natural light, no direct sunlight at 3pm.
Above right: Natural light, direct sunlight at dusk.

Above: Different angles by tilting my hand. It's a very bold metallic/slight chrome finish. 

The coverage is solid on this polish. I believe I only have two coats on here. It's very opaque, and I actually adore the ease of application. That being said, "you get what you pay for" only goes so far. The color is stunning, the application is nearly flawless. However, each time that I have worn this polish, I've noticed immediate chipping. By immediate, I mean next day. As you know, I'm a fan of Seche Vite's topcoat. I use it on top of every manicure I give myself. So when this polish chips unusually fast, each time I use it, I must be right in guessing that it's the Marc Jacobs polish's problem, not my top coat or wear and tear. It's unfortunate, but that's my experience with it. The upside is: I change my polish so often that I rarely get to the point where my polish looks unacceptable. I may still take a look at another Marc Jacobs polish because I love this one so much (aside from the chipping). 

You'll notice my nails have gone back to a shorter length. Although I do really love having them long, they can be hard to maintain. I had one chip off at the tip and I just felt it was time for a new shape. This is more of a classic, almost square tip. I think I like it!

I've also decided it's time to start using a brush to clean up the cuticle edges of my polish. They look pretty clean to the average person, but when you blow these dang images up on your screen, you can see that I don't do the best job. I'll probably stop by Sally Beauty sometime soon...

Do you have any designer polishes? I know that Phillip Lim released a collection with NARS recently! I've been thinking of checking it out. 

Polish Details:
Base Coat: Seche Vite
Color: Marc Jacobs Enamored
Top Coat: Seche Vite