Electric Blue, Leopard, and Polka Dots

Hello, dears! Tonight is a very important evening - NYFW Eve! Tomorrow marks my first time traveling to NYFW and I couldn't be more excited! I'm doing all sorts of prep right now... like last minute packing, a face mask that looks really scary, nail painting, blogging, panicking in excitement, etc... 

Before I jet off to the Big Apple, I wanted to share a recent OOTD shoot! I met up with my friend Domineque to snap some quick photos of my current clothing obsessions. It was a semi stormy day with the perfect amount of cloudiness. 

I've talked a little bit on social media about hats. Oh, hats. I really do adore them, especially how they look on other people. I, however, have a quite small head that seems to be difficult to fit. I spent quite some time in the Galleria Mall the other day looking for one that I really liked, but only got lucky with one that's not even wool - which is what I'm really looking for. I've been wearing this cute little straw fedora a lot, though! It fits just right and come on - it has leopard trim! 

This sweater is actually a size XL, but I just loved how it fit like this. These leggings are pretty full coverage, but don't necessarily hide everything, so I liked how the sweater kept my bum under wraps. I'm not even lying when I say that I loved these leggings so much that I went out and bought a few more colors. Sure, that's sort of excessive, but I just knew I'd be wearing them A LOT.

Meet my first pair of Litas! I've been eyeballing them for a long time, but just never wanted to drop the big bucks on them. But with some encouragement from Laura over at Weird Cult(ure), I took the plunge on eBay. She said they really are indeed as comfortable as everyone says, and she wasn't exaggerating. I found a few pairs I liked online, but then I came across these and I think my finger hit the "Buy It Now" button before my brain even knew what was happening. Are you sick of me and leopard print yet?!

I finally tried out another one of those "walking poses" I see so many bloggers do. Domineque was a trooper and let me run up and down the stairs a few times. I think the one above is pretty stinking cute! Ain't no hiding these athletic legs in this shot.

Many, many thanks go to Domineque for the lovely photos! You can check her out on her Facebook page.

Outfit Details
Sweater: JC Penney (old)
Leggings: Forever21 (currently here)
Jeffrey Campbell Litas: eBay
Hat, Necklace: maurices (hat old, necklace here)
Purse: Thrifted
Rings, Braided Bracelet: Long time posessions
Metal Bracelet: Handmade for me by a customer at work!