NYFW Day One Adventures

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your week has gone well. Mine was super eventful and full of new experiences - all had at NYFW! I was in NYC from Monday afternoon - late Thursday morning, and I have so much to share with you. What I would like to do is share my adventures with you, and then share the shows I attended with you in different posts. So, shall we get started!?

I traveled to NYFW with quite the crew - Lindsay Pattan of ALIVE Magazine and Heartland Underdog, Sarah Stallman of ALIVE Magazine and The Wicked Wallflower, Laura Heying of Weird Cul(ture), Robby Baker, Kristen Linares of Beauty & the Brain, Brittany Browers of Lace and Dagger, Angelica of Molded by Clay, and Chandra Riley. 

We landed in NYC at LaGuardia airport on Monday and all hustled into cabs. We were trying to move as quickly as possible to make the Korto Momolu presentation that afternoon. We stayed at the Gem Hotel Midtown. It was a super easily-accessible cute little hotel. The rooms were tiny but comfortable.  Thanks so much, Lindsay, for booking us rooms there! I wouldn't have known where to stay. We rushed in to change and get ready to head to Korto Momolu. Unfortunately, we were not able to move just quite that fast, and by the time we had arrived, the event was at full capacity. We had margaritas and rooftop snacks instead in a nearby neighborhood.

Outfit number one for day one! I'm wearing:
Vintage Jumpsuit: Pink Champagne Vintage. The owner, Hope, was so very kind to offer me a discount on the jumpsuit as I was hoping to not spend a huge amount of money before I even arrived at NYFW. She was a doll and put up with my questions regarding the size. The jumpsuit fits like a dream and I cannot wait to keep wearing it all year round. I highly recommend checking out the shop. She has so many amazing goodies for purchase. I've been eyeballing a few more things since picking up the jumpsuit... You can also find the shop on Facebook HERE. My jacket is a Wilson Leather that was thrifted, my shoes are from Aldo, and my bag is from Target.

The jumpsuit also provided the backdrop for a close look at my manicure for the week! I went with a neutral polish to match everything, but jazzed it up with some Swarovski crystals from my mom's jewelry stash. The polish is Sand Tropez by Essie.


Later that evening I rejoined our group of travelers at the Twelv Magazine Fashion Week SS15 party. It was in an undergound venue with a pretty sweet color-changing LED chandelier. The DJ was playing a really bizarre mix of music, and right after we arrived the open bar closed and my second drink cost me SIXTEEN DOLLARS. I'll say it now and will likely say it again in a post - thank goodness I overbudgeted for this trip. I actually spent LESS than I thought I would, and I am very, very proud of myself for that. But, $16 vodka tonics are a little ridiculous...


After the Twelv Magazine party, we headed to the Maison Kitsune after party. It was at the Standard Highline, specifically Le Bain, and had a gorgeous view of the city, as well as a hot tub. A hot tub. That was strange. Apparently, some people ended up in it later on in the evening after we left. After perusing the website, I can't wait to visit that spot again. There's even a turf-covered rooftop patio that doubles as a crêperie. Who doesn't love crepes?!


Selfies in the bathroom at the after party.

Outfit number two for the day! I wanted something a little more dark for going out in, a little sexy, but I didn't want to show any skin. I'm wearing a dress from Roxx. It has a super high slit up the sides and an open back. I wore my shimmer leggings from Forever21 underneath because they're so comfortable and have quite the high rise on them as well. Over the dress, I layered a fringe top I purchased from an Instagram shop some time ago. Those are my Jeffrey Campbell Litas again, and my bag is from Just Fab.

After the after party, we headed to Times Square to see what kind of trouble we could get in. Lindsay and Laura spotted a Marie Claire bicycle squad peddling by The Gaslight Lounge that we popped into for a few minutes. 


Turns out a band was filming a music video that night right smack in the middle of everything. They asked us to be in their shoot, and we agreed, of course! However, I can't find the business card they gave to me. Until one of my travel buddies gets back to me, I won't be able to let you know what their name was. But, here's a gif of us being filmed by them:

After Times Square more drinking and hilarity ensued, until we all finally headed back to our hotel after 2am. Whew! Much of our traveling was done via Uber and Lyft. Lyft attempted to open in Saint Louis, but was quickly shut down by the city. I hope one of the services makes another try. I had a great time traveling around with all my Uber drivers. One in particular was a true pleasure to ride with, but he'll be mentioned more in detail in another post!

Thanks for reading, everyone! I'm off to DJ at Layla in the Grove tonight. I hope you all have a good weekend, and keep an eye out for more posts on my trip coming soon!
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