Karolyn Pho, SS15, NYFW 9/9/14

On Tuesday of my trip to NYFW, I spent a lot of time rushing around. A show that I knew I needed to plan extra time for arrival and check-in was Karolyn Pho. The PR company had started calling all of our group to ask each of us if we still planned on attending. I think probably four or five of us had originally RSVP'd "yes," but only Robby and I ended up attending. Lindsay made made it seem as though PR companies don't typically call attendees, so although there were other events that I could have attended, I decided that it was probably pretty damn important for at least someone from our group show up. Sure, maybe I missed out on some free swag somewhere, but I was in NYC to see shows. Swag is for next time.

I arrived quite a bit early at Pier 59 Studios for the show. I was so early I was the second person in line. In front of me was Sofia from Drum & Lace. We had a really great chat all about our experiences so far in NYC while waiting to be let into the space. Luckily, seats hadn't been filled, so they let the first 30 attendees in our standing room only line file on in. I grabbed a seat on an aisle because I know you can snap better photos through the space between the aisles. As the time drew closer to the show's start, people started shuffling around into different seats, so I bid Sofia adieu and jumped into a empty front row spot. I'm glad I did, because I had yet to be so up close and personal with any of the shows.

I admit that I am still learning the lingo of the fashion world. I do understand that "ready to wear" refers to a collection that is being processed in a mass way so that the public can begin to purchase the collection. I am not 100% sure if it is appropriate to use in a manner that describes a collection that appears immediately "wearable." Maybe I should just say that? At any rate, I feel that Karolyn Pho's collection was very wearable, and would appeal to very many women. You will see two different styles of photographs in this post. The first set is from my DSLR camera, and the second set is from my iPhone.

The collection included everything from crop tops to trench coats. The colors ranged from fall-friendly hues to spring-forward light shades. I really love the crop top combo in the top left photo. I am really drawn to the crop top trend, but I still, for some reason, am not perfectly comfortable running around with my belly hanging out. I've tried it a few times, but I think I am modest at my core. Who knows. I think that I could wear the above combination without freaking out too much. The bra top underneath is very full coverage, and the crop top itself is long, loose, and floaty. It's a little bit sexy without being over the top. 

Y'all know I love me some leopard print. I don't mind if it's bold or subtle. A few of Pho's pieces featured a subtle leopard print, especially the above green dress. That grass green was so gorgeous! I'm currently really digging high collars, those with points, as well as mock turtle necks, especially with fall arriving in Saint Louis. This trench's floppy collar made me want to snatch it and go play detective on the streets of New York!

Sparkles! This dress is a little too girly for my tastes, but those iridescent paillettes are too pretty.

Oversized clutches seem to be popping up everywhere lately. I'm not going to argue with that, because that means I can still carry all my junk around with me. Like my 8 billion lip products. 

I loved the crisp white and blue together. This blue trench was made of a light material - probably cotton? - and floated so nicely on the model. It was lined in a baby pink that popped in contrast. The cropped T-shirt had all of Karolyn's information printed on it, which I thought was a fun touch. 

I immediately noticed that all of the models were wearing medical profession-looking clogs. From the few (yet growing in numbers!) presentations that I have seen, I actually prefer for the shoes to not draw attention away from the clothes, unless, of course, they are from the designer as well and are supporting the designs. It was easy, with shoes like this, to detect that models often must wear shoes that do not fit. A few of the models' feet were slipping out of the shoes, or their heels were hanging over the back edge. 

What do you think? Are you a crop top wearer and a fan of leopard? Thanks for reading!