#RBF, and How It Makes Me Look Like An Idiot

Guys, let's talk. Let's talk about Resting Bitch Face, or RBF. It happens to the best of us - some people don't even know they're doing it, and so others think that you might actually be throwing shade when really you're thinking about cookies.

There's almost a type of RBF that happens in the blogger world. Can we call it Resting Blogger Face?! It's more of an "I'm too cool for school" aka "I'm too cool to smile with my teeth" type of face. In the blogger world, smiles are not always the most common expression. A lot of bloggers take extra care to look intense, or thoughtful, or downright no flying flips given. Even more so, bloggers spend a lot of time looking off-camera, as if they dropped something and it suddenly turned into a Picasso at their feet, or a Yeti is drinking from the nearest water fountain. I mean, I know I've done a couple of these too, but I usually think it makes more sense to look at the nearest camera pointed at you, right?

I am in general a pretty smiley person. But I'm also susceptible to wanting to "fit in" in this blogging environment that is still fairly new to me. Sometimes that makes me do really, really idiotic things. For instance, trying to make a blogger RBF in photographs. Especially a particular photograph that also features two of the most smiley bloggers you might meet, Angie Lewis of Honey & Denim and Megan Zietz of The Frugalista Diaries. You'll recognize this photo from my recap of the final runway event from this just-passed STLFW season that I'm currently posting about.

Yep. Also, to be clear, I don't actually suffer from RBF. My general resting face is pretty tame and friendly.

But, I've learned my lesson. I look stupid trying to make that silly "I'm too cool to smile" face.

Upcoming post faces: Forecast is smiley with a chance of goofiness.
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