Swatches and Review: Julep Coco and Ledi Nail Polishes

You might have just seen my post go up about Julep having contacted me to do an inspiration board based on the transition from summer to fall, and how my polish and style choices will reflect that. I have actually been wearing Julep polish for the last week as well! After Abbey contacted me from the company, I opted to join the Maven program on Julep's site. You already know that I'm addicted to nail polish, so I figured I could give the program a try. Julep polishes are "good for you" polishes. From Julep's website: "Breakthrough Oxygen Technology powers this fast-drying, long-lasting nail polish to get nailshealthy and more beautiful at the same time. Our proprietary 5-free, vegan-friendly formula also includes strengthening Hexanal and antioxidant green coffee extract. You'll never look at nail polish the same way again." Julep's proceeds also support programs that empower women, such as The Malala Fund, Girl Up (United Nations Girls Education Fund), and the Washington Anti-Trafficking Response.

My first box arrived a few weeks ago. It included the colors Coco, Queen Anne, and Sienna. Coco is a very pretty deep, deep red creme, Queen Anne is a standard small glitter, and Sienna is a classic gold shimmer. My box also came with a facial skin serum that I am interested in trying, but my skin has been very sensitive lately, so I am going to wait to try that. Last week, I wore Coco, which you will see below. I am not very excited about Queen Anne because I have an old Sinful Colors polish that is very similar. I do not have a dupe for Sienna, however, so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I felt that Coco applied quite easily. It is rich and dark. It definitely qualifies for "vampy," if you into that. I liked the brush, but felt that it picked up a bit more polish than I wanted. I also think that Coco's thickness is is much greater than I am used to. I feel like I have used much thinner polishes recently that felt easier to handle. The funny thing is that I don't mind thick polish. Sure, thick polish can be harder to apply, but it makes the polish opaque faster. The above image was taken with no filter, outside in indirect sunlight. I was disappointed to find that I had a chipped nail or two within a few days, since my polish typically can withstand about 5 days before a significant chip. I chalked it up to the polish being thicker when applied, and therefore heavier on my nail, which would make it easier to pop off. 

On Saturday, I received my October box, which included my items from the Black Magic Collection. To be fully honest,  I wasn't sure if I would keep up being a Maven, because I need to be saving money. I forgot to turn down the October box, and it was shipped to me, oops! But when I opened the box (they're a purpley-pink and stuffed with crinkly cardboard so they're adorable when they arrive), I forgot that I regretted not rejecting this month's shipment. The colors looked gorgeous! I received Ledi, a black pearl shimmer, Logan, a aubergine shimmer, and Dana, a black light sensitive white shimmer with blue flash. For a more in-depth look at the October Black Magic Collection box, click HERE

I excitedly applied Ledi last night because I was watching The Craft and Heathers during my "me" night in. I was feeling a little witchy. I busted out my trusted Seche Vite base and top coats.  It seemed to me that this polish was taking a little bit longer to dry than my usual polish dry time. I was patient, however, and cleaned up my cuticles with ultimate care, as I knew messy edges would be extra-evident with a black polish. As you can see in the pictures, I think I did a damn good job, too! That looks professional, don't you think? I applied my Seche Vite top coat, finished my movies, and headed to bed. 



When I woke up, I was dismayed to find that my right thumb had already sustained a pretty large chip. My others nails seemed intact, so I decided I would just reapply the polish on that thumb later in the evening. Throughout the day, I noticed that other chips were appearing - on my left thumb, and my left middle finger. This is highly unusual for any polish I use, especially when used in conjunction with Seche Vite's mighty top coat.

After how quickly Coco chipped, I wonder if I am simply applying the polish much too thickly, or if this polish just doesn't like me. I don't want to write off Julep just yet, so when I try out Logan, I will be super careful and apply it in very thin coats. I am curious about Dana's black light sensitive capabilities too. I don't often hang out in place with blacklights, but Halloween season is here, so I might happen upon a black light soon enough!

Do you use Julep? What are your thoughts on the polish chipping so fast on me?