Tune Tuesday: The Golden Filter

Ever heard a song that just sounds like it might have been written about you? Or maybe even by you if you could write cool songs? That's what happened the other night when I downloaded a bunch of The Golden Filter to drop at my weekly Friday set at Layla in the Grove. This group out of New York City has popped up on my Pandora, and I've loved what I've heard.

When I mixed in their song "Favourite Things," I knew that song was going to become MY song. I joked to my friend Jessica at the bar that it should be her song too. Here's a lyric line from the song: "Vintage, dresses, vodka, whiskey, cameras, London. These are a few of my favourite things." Yo guys, that was my summer of 2011. Exactly, one week in July. Let's not go into detail because there was quite a lot of vodka and whiskey... But I was running around Londontown in vintage clothes and dresses and drinking those spirits, taking pictures, and having the time of my life. WHY DID I JUST FIND THIS SONG NOW?!

Follow the band on their Facebook page. Their three-volume, limited edition recent release is available exclusively on vinyl. Purchase it from The Vinyl Factory's online shop. You can also download their release "Heady Filthy" here.