Mani Monday: Essie and Kiss

So honest moment here: Last week I painted my nails three nights in a row. That's a little excessive, even for me! I was trying to do some pretty nail art, but I just kept messing up. I finally landed on this adorable look, and was very happy! The dark forest green is Essie's Stylenomics. The two colored stripes are from Kiss's Paint & Stencil Kit, in the color set Dali. I received the nail art kit from Kiss, and when I first took a look at the package, I have to say the colors weren't exactly ones I think I would purchase for myself. However, that's the beauty of collaborations! You get to try something you might not have ever thought to, and fall in love. These polishes come with the skinny applicator brushes, which makes painting this stripes super easy. The kit also came with some stencils, but I have yet to try those. The little gem studs are also from Kiss, but I believe they came in one of the other nail art kits Kiss sent to me. When I say that Kiss absolutely spoiled me, I am not kidding. I'm definitely not complaining! 

Because the light blue is in this kit, I think I need to do a cute snowflake mani next! Perhaps something like this, but with white and blue:

This is so perfect I love the flakes, it's wonderful