On Brunch Days We Wear Black

When you wake up and your boyfriend asks if you'd like to do brunch, you say "Yes!" and grab him and run out the door before he changes his mind... especially when your boyfriend is almost never awake at brunch time due to being a bartender. Nick suggested popping into the new(ish) Rooster on South Grand. I have always loved the downtown location, so I knew I'd likely also love the one that's practically in my 'hood! The Grand Rooster is very large, and I can't wait to sit on the patio outside during warmer months. Inside, the seating is community-style, so you eat at a long table next to strangers-turned-new-nosh-neighbors. Nick and I opted to sit at the bar this time around. It's my "birthday week," and I plan on squashing as many brunches in as I can. 

I started today's off with a black coffee and a Sunburnt White Russian, made with rum, cold-pressed coffee, and coconut milk. It was quite delicious, and perked me up without making me feel boozy. Nick ordered the Slinger, which I adore for its inclusion of andouille sausage, and I ordered the Brie #1, which has roasted spiced apples and a side of chutney (which I added for an addtional cost). Both were tasty and filling enough to get our days going.  

I opted for comfy-casual, as you might expect. This sweater was an eBay cheapie find, and yes, it's from one of those Korean shops that often surprises American women with sizes way too small. However, this looks almost exactly on me how it did in the pictures on the eBay page, and is actually the same dolman-sleeve sweater that the woman in the above link purchased. I bought mine before I saw that article, though, so you can bet I was nervous before this baby arrived. No need to worry in the end! My combat boots were begging for attention so I slipped them on, popped on this handy bendy-wire headband, and off to brunch I went. 

Outfit Details:   
Sweater: eBay (current)    ...    Poncho: maurices (old, similar)   ...   Justin Boots: Thrifted (similar)
Jeans: maurices (old, similar)    ...    Headband: Forever21 (current)   ...   Necklace: Thrifted (similar aesthetic)