Plaid, Chunky Knit, and Zodiac Boots

I'm a layers girl, through and through. When it comes to cooler months, my style evolves into something I think really shows off my personality. During the summer I feel so blah with how hot it can get! I love shorty-shorts, but prefer to wear tights under them, so chilly days suit me just fine. Chunky knits are all over right now, but I snagged this puppy at Goodwill for a smile-inducing $5. These crochet shorts are one of my favorite items from my closet, and would you fancy taking a guess who gave them to me? My boyfriend! He surprised me with them as a holiday gift a couple Christmases ago. The fellah's got good taste, right? These boots have quickly become glued to my feet after discovering them at Avalon this month. I went in hoping only to sell items and take the cash, and walked out with these gorgeous, like-new Zodiac babies. I'm in love. I'm also in love with hellah finger candy. I go through phases of stacking like nuts, or forgetting to wear any rings except my claddagh and the silver band on my left hand. You'll never catch me without those two. 

Outfit Details:   Sweater: Thrifted   ...    Plaid: maurices
Zodiac Boots: Avalon Exchange   ...   Shorts: Gifted   ...   Tights: maurices