Top Knots and Tight Pants

Let's talk about this half-up top knot trend. I have to admit, I wasn't really a fan of it it at first. I thought it was silly and didn't make much sense (but then again, what percentage of fashion DOES always make sense?). Now that my hair is short, I feel like I have a reduced number of options when it comes to styling. So, steal something I didn't like in the beginning? Why not?!

You might remember my recent style board about disco pants, and my dangerous love affair with them. I have three pairs currently, and am hoping to add to their little family soon. My navy ones fit just right, as they're just a teensy bit too small, but grow to fit throughout the day. I like to wear opposites when it comes to silhouettes - tight on top, big on bottom, or vice versa. Enter this crazy oversized turtleneck sweater that the associate at Goodwill delivered to me. I say that because I was wearing an oversized sweater the day I was shopping, and this associate did her job quite well by selecting this and showing it to me! I think the tag says it's a XXL, but of course that has never stopped me before from finding a way to make something work. 

These shoes are some of my current favorites. From JustFab, they're clearly sort of Nasty Gal knockoffs, or something of that sort. I fight over the whole "buying name brand or knockoffs," but I didn't mind here. I snapped these puppies up and am glad I did. They are still just a little stiff, but I'm breaking them in by wearing them to work and to small events. My necklace is an Avalon Exchange treasure, and I love wearing it to add some bling to an outfit. 

Outfit Details:   Sweater: Goodwill    ...    Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: JustFab    ...    Necklace: Avalon Exchange