Rise Coffee in The Grove

I often find that I go through phases of establishing a "home away from home." This is usually a coffeeshop in the neighborhood that caters to my needs when I just NEED to get out of the house, or meet up with a beloved friend. This has recently become Rise Coffee in The Grove.

 This little spot has a lot of character and personality. I prefer to sit on the second level, either in one of the mismatched chairs or the plush, green velour couch. The coffee here is incredible, and I typically order the Kenya pour over, a latte (as an ex-barista I do appreciate a perfectly foamed, gorgeously decorated latte), or my new favorite - the iced toddy. Guys. Let me tell you about this toddy. It tastes of chocolate and is sweet even with no sugar added. It really is a delight. Their quiche is another reason I keep coming back. Fluffy, full of flavor, and with a flaky crust - this baby does not disappoint. 

On days that I come to work, and I happen to forget my headphones, it's never a problem. Rise's music selection remains eclectic yet familiar enough to keep me engaged and bopping my head while slapping away on my keyboard. I can't argue with Chet Faker, What So Not, Flight FacilitiesFleet Foxes, and Blitzen Trapper. And without fail, I always see a familiar and friendly face at Rise. One time, I ran into Wesley Hoffman of Treehouse Networkshop. Today, I bumped into Jen and Chris of The Clover. I love having a common stomping ground with people I have had great connections with, whether it be work or friendship related. 

Do you have a favorite coffeeshop to hit in STL? Or do you prefer to work at home? What makes your personal workspace cozy to you?