Tips and Tricks: My Nail Care Routine!

So y'all see an awful lot about my nail polish addiction, but not much about my nail care regiment. I thought I'd share that with you so you can learn about how I take care of my most precious fingertips! It's especially important to have a strong nail care routine during the winter months as the cold weather can really suck the life and beauty out of your skin.  Find out what I used to keep my cuticles and nails in tip-top shape! 

As you can see, I keep quite a few little handy products in my nail care arsenal. Let's start with the items that TRAVEL. This Sally Hansen cuticle pen is one of my favorite items for cuticle and nail care. It's perfect for chucking in your purse and carrying with you. You twist the base to dispense oil through the brush tip, and swipe it onto your cuticles. Easy as that. I also often carry a cuticle cream, which you can see is well-loved. This European Secrets Hoofers Nail & Cuticle Cream really helps keep my tips moisturized, especially when used often in tandem with the Sally Hansen cuticle oil.

This little cute Nailtiques nail protein was a sale find at Ulta, and I'm glad I picked it up. It applies like a clear, thin nail polish, and gives your nails a nice little shine. When I don't have polish on (which is rare), I always have either the Nailtiques protein on (which you can apply about once a day), or this Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Hardener. I have the color Natural Pink, but I don't think it really adds any color. I'm wearing it in both of these photos, and although my nails are slightly stained yellow from constant polish wearing, I don't really see any additional pink. 

As for products that don't travel, these nail sticks (available nearly everywhere, I think I bought mine from Walgreens) and this cuticle remover get used about twice a week. Each time I change out my polish, I use this remover toclean up any raggedy cuticles and help shape them all to match. I prefer to use wood nail sticks versus metal with my cuticles because I feel that they're more forgiving. This cuticle remover does really work instantly though, so you have to move fast when using it!

How do you take care of your nails? Do you have any new products you're loving?