Tune Tuesday: Interpol's El Pintor

No, this is not "new" news. But, that doesn't mean it's not important. The Pageant here in Saint Louis just announced that Interpol will be making a stop in our fair city while on their world tour. As a long-time fan, I nearly fell out of my chair when my friend Emily shared the Facebook announcement. The last time I saw Interpol live was while they were touring to support Our Love to Admire in 2007. That's 7+ years ago! I'm still a youngun' but that makes me feel a teensy bit old(er).

I'm no music critic, so I don't come here to talk about how bands have changed or stayed the same, or how their sound varies from older album. I come here on Tune Tuesdays to just share music I love. And Interpol has always been a big love of mine. We could argue all day about how Turn on the Bright Lights will always be their best album, and how "Evil" from the album Antics should be one of your favorite songs, but let's not. For the time, enjoy the video for "All The Rage Back Home:"