1 Year Blogiversary! Happy Birthday, SOSM

Dear world, my darling little Stilettos on Sunday Morning turns 1 year old today! Time really has flown by, and I really can't believe it's already been a year. That is insanity.

My blog has grown so much since I started it last February, and I don't know where to begin. I don't want to get super sappy, but it's been empowering, challenging, and so rewarding. I have to admit that I've been achieving goals and reaching my dreams. I've made wonderful friends, enriching connections, and brand affiliations. I can say for certain that I never really thought that all of these amazing things would happen so quickly! I thought for sure that I would have to wait way over a year before a company wanted to send me products to review... but I received two new skincare items in the mail just yesterday that I can't wait to share!

Instead of bragging and what not, and just gushing about how grateful I am (but it's the truth!), I really want to thank YOU! Indeed, without my friends and readers, and all the support you've shown me, I might have felt discouraged. I started this blog with the intention to simply share my life, fashion, and beauty obsessions. I wasn't totally sure that anyone would read or care. But when a few friends told me that they went out and bought nail products that I recommended, I knew what I was doing was having an impact. I'm so very thankful for the blogging community in Saint Louis as well, and all the support that other bloggers have shown. You push me and inspire me to work harder!

It could be timed more perfectly that today is the blog's anniversary, with being on TV tomorrow! How freaking cool is that? I can't wait to see what 2015 brings, and to enjoy and share it all with you <3