Gettin' Sexy with Paper Doll Photography

Let's talk about being sexy. Or, acting sexy, perhaps. I'm not very good at acting sexy. I don't mind dressing up a bit and showing a little skin, but when it comes to being coy and provocative, I definitely need some training. So when Kelly of

Paper Doll Photography

and I met up for a boudoir session, I almost had no idea what to do! It's kind of like be an actor, you know. I'm no model, and I'm no actress, but I had lots of fun with Kelly, and she made me feel super comfortable!

I hadn't ever really considered doing a boudoir photoshoot. Let's be real for a minute. I love my body, I really do. I feel sexy when with a partner to share my body with, but in general, I don't feel super sexy on my own. I've been really getting back into the exercise game, and I'm very excited by it. I'm looking forward to realizing my body's full potential, and to push it to the limit. I used to be so active in high school, and I definitely did not appreciate my body for what it was. I'm ready to get back in shape, and appreciate it as it is now. When I'm very active, I feel sexy. I'm starting to feel more sexy now that I've been hitting the gym a lot, and beginning to see small results. My goal is to get lean and mean, and feel my sexiest ever. I'm on my way, and I'm thrilled. I even wore a crop top out on Friday!

Want another "Let's be real" moment? I wear the most BORING underwear. Sure, most of my wardrobe motto revolves around the good old "fashion before function," but that is definitely not the case when it comes to my underthings. I pretty much wear basic, black bras and panties because I just view them as a layer of clothing versus a statement. So when I got ready to go meet up with Kelly, I thought to myself, "Oh my god, I have nothing to look sexy in!" I ended up just taking a few fun things (such as this sheer robe you'll spy in another upcoming post) as well as things I love and wear a lot, like the plaid shirt and the striped sweater. If I'm gonna do a sexy shoot, it is at least going to represent me as I really am!

Although a boudoir shoot may not be for everyone, it was definitely a really fun experience. I think doing something like this is a great way to celebrate yourself, or perhaps take some fun photos to give to your partner as a little gift. With Valentine's Day coming up, it might be just that special something you've been looking for! I'd say hurry up and get in contact with Kelly to snap some for yourself!

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