Guess What? Beyonce is Real After All!

Well, the internet is exploding after a handful of un-retouched photos of Queen Bey surfaced. And although I don't count myself amongst her most rabid fans, I do appreciate seeing such a massive celebrity looking so totally normal! Aside from my skin bearing many red scars and spots from years of breakouts, and probably having a few more pores, Beyonce and I have pretty similar skin! 

I'm sure everyone still considers Beyonce totally flawless. And even though there's a bunch of hullabaloo about the photos, I for one love seeing the "real" side of celebrities, as well as just about everyone else on the planet! It makes it easier to relate to each other. We all put on masks, and I wish that we didn't do that as much as we do.

That's why I try to be "me" as much as possible. Sure, there are definitely some days where I don't want to be accessible or friendly or as perky as I usually am. But I know that being quirky, smiley, and happy are a few of the things that set me apart sometimes. You might never catch me in public without makeup, but I'm still as real as ever. But, you know... I will probably Photoshop out a massive zit if one ever comes along! Ain't nobody got time for looking at that.

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