Mani Monday: Spotty Space Babe

I'm having a really hard time doing just basic manicures now! I can't just leave my nails one, solid color. However, it would seem I'm currently feeling like back-tracking a bit, and toning the designs down. I spotted a cute little mani on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it in my own way. I like the sort of space-babe feeling of this look!

The longer my nails grow, the more hesitant I am to put really intense, wild colors on them, for fear of them looking sort of "trashy." I suppose I don't care all that much what people think of my nail color choices, but I like to maintain a classy appearance in most regards. I opted to use this gorgeous color-shifting polish for the base of this look, and add in a tiny little dark dot for interest. 

The silvery polish has a tiny microshimmer in it, and flashes green to purple in the light. It's a Revlon polish, and a good one to boot! I'll never argue with a relatively inexpensive polish that does its job well. I like the brush on this polish (it's skinny), and the polish applies smoothly and evenly. I only used two coats on this look, and had to perform minimal cleanup around the cuticles. The dark dots are done with a grey-toned navy from Essie that my sister gifted to me for the holidays. I'd like to use this on my toes sometime soon! My toes are often ignored during the winter as no one sees them. Why waste time polishing them if they're not visible?! 

Red - Revlon's Smoldering
Navy Spots - Essie's Bobbing for Baubles
Base and Top Coats - Seche Vite