Messy Fringe Benefits: Spring Hair Inspo

So, although I adored the super-clean bob I recently had going on with my hair, I started to think it was time for a little something new. It had begun to grow out (and out of shape), so last night I went in to have Stephanie at Nova Salon to chop me all up. I've always been a big fan of a good "I slept in this, but I still look absolutely fabulous" hairstyle. The bob that Stephanie gave me was 100% perfect, and the symmetry was out-of-this-world. In fact, it was so perfect that I have a hard time achieving that messy look. I'm searching for a look that will fit more with the free-spirited yet professional vibe I'm feeling for spring. Think, "soft rocker-chic." That girl you know can hang with the best and baddest, but also works her sweet 9-5 and is damn proud of it. Yeah, that sounds about right. 

I dug around for some inspo shots to share with Stephanie before I went into the salon, and I thought I would explain what I was thinking! I had to restrain myself from simply posting only Alexa Chung photos, because I've kind of become obsessed with her basic, perfect makeup and messy hair. Sigh.

The messy, unkempt fringe. Just long enough to graze the eyes without obscuring vision. Different lengths within the fringe itself to keep it from being too one-dimensional. The ability to sweep it to the side, part it in the middle, and leave all hanging out.

The heavyweight fringe. Stemming from the deep crown, with enough heft to stay swept to the side all on its own. Thick and dense, but the texture keeps it from appearing listless. Heavily inspired by the bombshells of the 1960s.

Face-framing layers. Soft, swooping fringe. Romantic and feminine. Flirty because they bring attention to your eyes. Works well with many hair textures, requires minimal styling. Helps you have a "look" without much effort.

As it was dark when I was getting my hair cut, and I prefer natural light in photos, I'm waiting to try to snap a new pic of the cut that Stephanie gave me until later today. Hopefully I can get a good OOTD shot to share with you on Instagram, at least. If you don't follow me on there yet, please find me at @jillianskrillian, or click HERE. Let's be Insta buddies!

Thanks for reading! Do you change your hair super regularly, or with the seasons? What are you thinking for spring?