Pizza Hut Nail Polish. Yes. That is Real.


Well, if you are a pizza fan and you live in Australia, you might have jumped on the opportunity to win none other that PIZZA-INSPIRED NAIL POLISHES! What is this madness, you ask?! Yes, indeed, Pizza Hut Australia released just 35 editions of its Pizza Hut Supreme Style collection in time for Valentine's Day this past week. There was a catch, as you simply couldn't just order the line - fans had to visit the 

Pizza Hut Australia Facebook Page

 in order to find instructions on how to enter a Valentine's Day poem-writing contest. 


The contest has already ended, and some of the winners' poems are being released onto the Facebook page. I have a teensy bit of a poetry background as I used to write quite a bit in high school and college (and not just silly teen-angst stuff, either!), so I would have had the time of my life trying to write a killer poem to win some polish! Would you have entered, too? Here's my two-second whip:

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue,

I love pizza,

And my nails do too. 

So much skill, right there. Let's take a look at some of the winners that Pizza Hut is releasing! 

Now, only if they had been 


 like pizza, too..!