Central West End Hangs With Allan Crain

Because I can get ridiculously caught up in so many things at once, sometimes I can put things off for forever and ever... like posting this awesome photos that my pal Allan snapped of me. Back in December. I know, I know. Really late with this one. I think Allan forgives me... 

We met up in the Central West End right at the beginning of "the golden hour." I decided to wear a few items that I hadn't really had a chance to bust out in public yet, specifically this wild duster and this doap shirt. A DJ friend was selling the shirts, and they're just too fun, so I bought one for myself and also one for my boyfriend as a gift. This duster was a fantastic find at Avalon Exchange. I like that it has the gorgeously detailed gold trim, and the dramatic split bottom. 

Clearly, I had a little fun with the duster. I'm sure Allan thought I was mildly batty.

We took the opportunity to take a few "promo" photos, if you will, for my DJing. Someone told me a while ago I needed to not worry about having photographs taken of myself, and focus on practicing. I agree that I could spend more time practicing, and I have dedicated more time here and there at home to get to better know my music and hone my skills, but that struck me as quite funny. My appearance rather rapidly, and I think it's important to have current images of yourself as part of your "brand." Especially with how often my hair changes color or shape, I would not feel 100% comfortable not looking somewhat current on my social media. 

Busted! Like I said, these photos are long overdue. That's a Christmas tree in the background, but I'm pretty sure you could already tell that. I met up with Allan recently for another quick shoot in the snow, and I just got those photos back today. They look great and I can't wait to share them with you!

Thanks so much, Allan! Find more of his work HERE.

Outfit Details: 
Duster: Avalon Exchange   |   Necklace: Thrifted   |   Leather jacket: Thrifted
Tights: maurices   |   Boots: Leopard Boutique   |   Socks and Shorts: Forever21