Snow Day Shenanigans in Blackburn Park

Saint Louis finally saw a good amount of snow a couple Sundays ago! It had started to seem like Mother Nature wasn't going to show out in full force this winter, and that made me sad. I do adore a great big blanket of the fluffy stuff at least once per cold season. After a photoshoot with my darling friend Domineque for a project she is working on, I headed to nearby Blackburn Park to meet up with photographer pal Allan Crain. My hair and makeup this day were done by Karson Kelley of KINK Hair.

This outfit is so simple, and also probably one of the best representations of my "style" you might ever see. Comfort (oversized, loose tee top), yet a little bit of sass (disco pants), and practicality (snow-proof boots). Colors that don't necessarily make sense together, but with black to anchor them. A little bit of quirky with these fingerless gloves that say HI 5. I can't forget my faux-fur coat. This beaut is so warm. Now I understand why people wear *real* fur. Unstoppable in winter temps.

I've had these boots for YEARS, but they just won't quit. Land's End definitely makes quality products. The stickers on my boots actually came from Foundry Cycles. I DJed the Gateway Cross Cup back in October, and they positioned my table underneath Foundry's tent. The Foundry crew was a lot of fun and so pleasant to be around all day for two days straight (the event ran from 8am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday). It was so misty in the morning on Saturday I arrived in my rainboots, and left branded with the Foundry's stickers.

I clearly like to have fun in the snow. I was trying to make a heart with my footprints above - can you tell at all? I gave it a shot, at least. 

Thanks again to Allan for hanging out with me in the snow! I could have just filled this post with all of your lovely shots and not written at all, and been happy. You rock.

Outfit Details:

Coat: Avalon Exchange  |   Tee: Kat's Closet  |   Gloves: Gift   |   Scarf: Gift
Disco Pants: American Apparel   |   Necklace: Thrifted  |   Boots: Land's End