Mani Monday: Whim's Crackling Embers

I popped into Ulta a couple weeks ago after a trip to Trader Joe's, and spotted a display for a polish I didn't recognize. I had never heard of Whim (it appears to be an Ulta-exclusive), but the cute little bottles caught my attention. I was immediately drawn to the fall line, and Crackling Embers jumped out at me. I used to have a gorgeous polish from Milani that I wore every autumn, but it has gotten old and no longer works. Crackling Embers looked really similar, so I thought "Why not take it home and give it a shot?" Unfortunately, it will not be replacing my beloved Milani polish. 

A soon as I tried to start applying this polish, I knew I was going to have trouble. I have small hands, and I struggled to figure out how to most comfortably hold this cap. My first brushstroke delivered a gorgeous stroke, but then I quickly realized that this polish is very thick. If I tried to apply a thin coat, the polish dragged and left straggly streaks around the edges. The brush itself is a little wider than I am used to, and I had a hard time handling it near my cuticles. You can plainly see that even with my usual cleanup, the polish is pretty messy near the cuticles. I actually gave up trying to clean it all up. 

On a couple positive notes, the color of the polish is very pretty. It is a perfect fall shade, and the shimmer is eye-catching. I'm also impressed with just how shiny the polish is. It reflects light beautifully. 

At $10/bottle, I'm not entirely sure the formula is worth the cost. I'd rather search again for another polish to become my favorite fall accessory than struggle with the application. If you're not a stickler like me regarding the final perfect polish application, you may not be as annoyed as I am. I might give Whim another chance with a different polish texture - maybe a cream won't be so challenging.

Polishes Used: 
Shimmery Wine: Whim's Crackling Embers
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite