What To Do Wednesday: STL Swap Meet!

All right, loves. I often talk about how I have too many clothes, and it really is true. Let's get real for a moment here: When I moved into my new apartment on September 1st, I came with two large boxes stuffed with clothes. Nope, they were not clothes to hang in my closet. They were in fact dirty clothes. TWO BOXES OF DIRTY CLOTHES I HAD YET TO LAUNDER. Is that insane? Yes, I think so.

So, I need your help! Come buy all my crap on this coming Sunday, October 11th. My mom and I will have a booth at the STL Swap Meet. The Swap Meet is one huge convergence of people who need to sell crap. Some of it may be brand new, some of it may be handcrafted goods. You never know! It's a great way to find something you never knew you needed. Like my pants. And shoes. And stuff.

There will be plenty to choose from, so hurry on down to 3500 Lemp Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118 this Sunday from 8:30am - 3:30pm. I'll be yawning like whoa. Come keep me awake and throw money at me. I'll love you lots and probably give you a hug and a kiss.