OOTD: Secondhand From Head to Toe

Last weekend I met up with the darling Michelle of Creature Type for brunch, thrifting, and photos. You might remember Michelle from this post about brunch. Damn. Secret's out. We have an addiction to Saturday brunches. The only treatment is more coffee and mimosas, right?! 

One way to work off the post-brunch blues of mass calorie consumption is to shop. After polishing off our tasty meals from Winslow's Home, we headed east on Delmar to Avalon Exchange. Y'all must know by now that I practically live at this shop. For a while, I was there selling clothes (and then using my credit to take more items home, whoops...) just about every three weeks. I know many of the employees by name now. It's pretty serious. You could say Avalon and I are going steady. Both the shirt and the hat I'm wearing in this post came from Avalon, in fact. 

I promised my friend Abigail that I would start sharing the brands of the clothes that I have thrifted or bought as vintage. You'll see those in parentheses in outfit details unless the brand is otherwise mentioned in the post's body. Thanks for the suggestion. You rock. 

These amazing platforms came to me by way of my designer friend Ryan Moore, who you just learned about in this post from yesterday. When I went over to his apartment to check out his studio, these Jeffrey Campbell beauties were sitting in his basement. I immediately shrieked over the patent leather upper. Ryan said that they didn't fit him and I was more than welcome to them if they were my size. They're slightly too big but I had inserts at home and voila! They haven't left my feet yet. 

As for these mom jeans... well, I originally thrifted them with the intention of cutting them into shorts, but I think I'll be leaving them this length. I find them to be really flattering on my legs, and I love the ankle-length. This shirt is labeled "Route 66," but I have a feeling someone screen-printed this for something else. It's perfect almost a crop top but not quite length, so it's great for tucking in. 

This label-less handbag was thrifted some years ago and it's finally trying to give up the ghost. I've been carrying it nonstop since August and it's falling apart. Goodbye, little leopard buddy!

Photos: Michelle Volansky

Outfit Details: 
Jeans (Vintage Gap): Thrifted  |  Jacket (Norton McNaughton): Thrifted  |  Vest (No Label): Parsimonia 
Platforms (Jeffrey Cambpell): Gift  |   Belt: STL Swap Meet   |   Hat, Bolo Tie, & Shirt: Avalon Exchange