OPI's Deutsch You Want Me Baby?

You've probably heard me say that I treat my nails like my best accessory. That's why I try to change my polish at least once a week, and what helped me decide to a weekly nail post! Since I'm not the best at nail art, I tend to lean towards representing seasons with colors instead of decorations on my fingertips. This amazing OPI shade is perfect for fall.

A fiery orange shade, OPI's "Deutsch You Want Me Baby?" is from their fall 2012 line, and also references the 1981 hit from The Human League, "Don't You Want Me." As soon as I saw the name on this bottle, I started singing that song to myself. 

Even though this specific bottles' brush had a few little funky fibers, the brush is just the right size for my nail. The application was flawless, and essentially opaque in two coats, but I went with three just for good measure. I painted my nails with this polish on Friday, and I'm still yet to see a chip. The glossy and shimmery nature of the polish also makes it really look more like a salon manicure than an at-home job. I always strive for that anyway with my nails, but I'm pleased when it looks "high-end." 

This polish is also an introduction to an upcoming special post about an organization in Missouri that's working to raise awareness for eating disorders. Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend a dinner with the Missouri Eating Disorders Council (MOEDC), and we were gifted an incredible little bag of goodies. I found nail polish in my bag and probably squealed a little too loudly. Our collaboration was a match made in heaven! Stay tuned for my upcoming post on the MOEDC tomorrow. EDIT: The post is live now here

Do you have any favorite Fall-oriented shades of polish? Let me know!

Polishes Used: 
Orange: OPI's Deutsch You Want Me Baby?
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite