Mani Monday: New Season Nail Care Wishlist

Clockwise from top left: 
1) Sally Hansen 18K Gold Nail Hardener
2) FORMULA X Hand Crème
3) Tweezerman Mini Nail Rescue Kit
4) Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Oil

Hey everyone! This Mani Monday I thought I'd do something just a little different. Fall is fully in swing, and my skin is starting to show it. I don't know if anyone else starts to suffer from dry skin as fast as I do, but I've been looking into some potential new options on keeping my digits in tip-top shape as the moisture starts leaving the air here in Saint Louis.

Part of the reason why you didn't get an actual mani today is because of these changes. My cuticles and skin are looking pretty gnarly, so this week is a rest week to moisturize the heck out of them for you to see next week. I also have a special edition of Midweek Mani with Meade coming up later this week for you! 

So the items I'm eyeballing to potentially check out are the ones you see above. First of all, who DOESN'T want to put gold all over their body? I'm curious about this nail hardener from Sally Hansen because when my nails are unpolished, they're much more likely to break off. I wonder if this would help the natural nail stay stronger! I'm looking into buying  heavy duty hand cream for this winter because my general travel-size lotions aren't working very well right now. This one looks sleek and I've heard some good things about Formula X. Deborah Lippmann makes incredible products, so I'm betting this cuticle oil would knock a drugstore's out of the park. I'm willing to test it out and see (stay tuned, maybe I'll treat myself!). Because my cuticles can dry up, sometimes they can get sort of gnarly around the edges and stick out a bit. It's always great to have a way to trim them down, or even file a nail if one breaks randomly. This mini travel kit looks perfect for keeping in your bag or glove compartment in your car! 

Do you have any remedies for keeping your hands all pretty when the weather changes? 
Let me know!