Mani Monday: Ready To Propose

Mani Maven Meade is back with a gorgeous color for you this wintry evening! She says: 

Hi y'all! This week's mani has a bit of Thanksgiving glam. I'm rocking wet n wild's wildshine collection "Ready to Propose" -- a glittery golden number. While from the same line as the gorgeous silver I wore last week, this color has a few more downfalls. Let's review.

Color appeal: I've been looking for a classic glittery gold, more of a shimmer than a big-chunks-of-glitter type of color, for a long time. I really thought this formula would hit the mark based on how it looks in the bottle. Unfortunately this formula does what I like to call "glitter clumping" -- an annoying anomaly that you can really only see close up, but that basically gives your nails a bumpy sort of texture. The actual color of the polish is quite nice, but frankly if it's not going to go on smoothly, I'm not interested. 6/10.

Application: The "glitter clumping" gets factored into the application score as well. Otherwise the application was pretty smooth. Again, the brush is skinny which I don't especially like, but the formula still goes on pretty clean regardless. 7/10.

Durability: It's amazing how two colors from the very same line can have such different durabilities. I used my standard two top coats, and for some reason this color is already chipping on day three! The silver shade from the same line held out five solid days before chipping. To be fair, my nails have taken a perpetual beating lately, so there's a possibility they are just too weak to hold polish this week. That being said, this polish gets a sad 5/10 for durability.

Affordability / Availability: I'm not entirely sure why you'd want to buy this polish based on this review haha but if you're still interested, wet n wild is wildly affordable (pun intended) usually running about $2 per bottle. It is also widely available at pretty much every drugstore around. However, this is a newer shade of this line so I think it might be harder to find than the others. 9/10.

For those of you unfriendly with math, that's a total score of 27/40 or ~68% --- not so hot but honestly I've seen worse.

At any rate, I'm still gonna glam the bazonkers out of this Thanksgiving! I hope you guys do too!

Thanks, Meade! I love that gold - it matches your wedding set so well! And for only $2, I'm sure this would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season!