The Day I Finally Met "The One"

Oh yes, I finally met "The One." Not in a romantic sense. I'm single as all get out. But, I finally met the one and only jacket I've been waiting for my entire life. I've dreamt of its vintage scent, silver accents, and perfect fit. And one unassuming day, I stopped into the newly opened May's Place and almost missed her. I tried on several other beautiful vintage clothing items from the Blacksheep collection, and then my gaze landed on one protruding sleeve from the rack. The supple, shining leather with split zippered cuffs and dangling fringe caught my eye immediately.

I approached the rack hesitantly, telling my heart rate not to quicken as I pulled her down. We disappeared into the fitting room together, totally crashing in on my friend Courtney's try-on session. In went one arm, and then the next. Thrift gods and goddesses clapped and vintage angels sang. With her matching, accompanying belt and proper price, she was mine, all mine!

A couple weeks after this beautiful leather baby became glued to my skin, I met up with my friend Andrea to show her May's Place and to snap some fun images with our friend Allan, who has taken pictures for the blog before. We had a bit too much fun, as evidenced below. Check back soon for a little overview of May's Place, its wonderfully sweet owner, Katie, and what other treasures I've found! 

You might have seen me blab on here or on social media about the weight I've put on in the past few months. It's pretty evenly distributed, and I swear that this phenomenal haircut by Stephanie Mattina at Nova Salon makes my face look slimmer than before, but it did happen. I don't fit into many pairs of my pants and jeans right now, so I was on the hunt for a pair to tide me over as I get back into the swing of physical activity. These $17.90 jeans from Forever21 did the trick! I really want to shop more locally and vintage, but these just fit too well not to snag. While I was in the store I spied these darling round sunnies and loved how they complemented my hair color. I'm picky about the shape of sunglasses on my face but I adore these!

Photos by Allan Crain

Outfit Details:
Leather Jacket & Three-Stone Southwestern Ring: May's Place   |   Earrings: Avalon Exchange
Sunglasses & Jeans: Forever21   |   Sweater: Heartland Underdog   |  Boots: Leopard Boutique