Dinky Dissertation on Different Directions

Things have been shifting a lot in my life lately. I think everyone has a habit of ruminating on the past year as December settles in. I recall writing a mini, abstract manifesto about taking time for myself as last winter drew to a close. This is similar to that. So, if you really only come to this blog to look at my silly clothing choices and enjoy my addiction to beauty products, you might be a bit disappointed where this is headed.

I've always been hesitant to write about relationships in a public zone because they can be so volatile. In fact, the last one I was in stretched out across almost exactly three years, with one break tossed in for good measure because that's just how I roll - hot mess style. One reason I don't mind bringing this up is that this fellow admitted to never reading my blog, and basically not even remotely being interested in it (I'd actually be surprised if he ever came across this post). "It's all about stuff for women," he'd say. I would not expect a boyfriend to be my most fanatic reader, as this blog mostly does focus on fashion and beauty. However, what was lacking in a glaring manner was his support. 

The relationship's end left me very thoughtful about what is most important to me in a future long-term partner, as well is in all other facets of my life. I left with one very obvious takeaway:

                                                    No one defines you but yourself.

I attended a tasting tour last night at the Whole Foods Market near to the Galleria Mall (thank you so much for hosting us, Kali!), and right before the tour ended, a stranger asked Carylee, Jenna, and me what our blogs were about. "Fashion" and "lifestyle" were the words we used. Although these words are not incorrect, it occurred to me that I feel sort of trapped by the guidelines I've set for myself. I set out to make this blog about more than just pretty clothes, makeup, and the occasional blurb about music I like. There is so much more to me than those things, and I feel like I'm missing the mark when it comes to expressing myself fully here. Even if that means posting pantless photos with puppy.

From here on out, expect more from this blog. Expect more from me. I hope to start sharing more from my life - vignettes, thoughts, ramblings, photo stories, recipes, inspirations, aspirations, and so much more. I want to share my whole self on this little online storybook of mine. You've been warned!