Mani Monday: Zoya Satin Polish in Tove

Happy Monday, everyone! This past week and weekend were long, wild, fun, and weird. So, I'm hoping that Monday will be a great start to another busy and fulfilling week! 

Do you remember my post about Zoya's Satin Polish in Ana? This type of polish is a semi-matte, and is meant to be worn without a topcoat. On the day I bought Ana, I also picked up Tove, which is a stormy blue. It's not too dark, so I felt like it was appropriate for spring weather and its rainy days.

Do you see the funky texture on the top of the polish? I'm not a fan. I didn't do anything but apply it and sit there. I'm not sure if I breathed on it funny or something, but dang! I wouldn't really want to wear this without a top coat. So that's exactly what I did:

As always, I used my trusty Seche Vite top coat. It left behind a high-gloss shine, but didn't help protect much against chipping. I find that these funky-textured polishes chip away much easier on me, even when I do use a top coat. Does anybody else feel the same?

For a side by side comparison of the polish with and without top coat, in bright indoor lighting: 

My right hand (and the left one in the photo) has no top coat on, while my left hand has the Seche Vite top coat. In the above photo, I do like the way the no-top coat polish looks, but it just doesn't seem to be "polished" enough. 

Between the threat of easy chipping and the funny spots and bumps in the polish after application, I'm not entirely sure I'll wear these Satins ever without a top coat. I am curious about using Tove in some nail art, though! I think it might be neat to have a shiny polish with a semi-matte nail art shape.

What do you think? Are you still curious about this no-top coat nonsense? 

Stormy Blue: Zoya Naturel Satin in Tove
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite

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