FoodxFashion: A Unique Dining Experience

I may not write about it on here as much as I probably could and should, but I. Love. Food. I like just about all of it, except for maybe anchovies. And because this is also a fashion-oriented blog, it only makes sense that combining food and fashion would get me all excited! As a matter of fact, Brainchild Events (in partnership with Fashion Group International), who put on the GENT! Men's Showcase in February, is throwing an evening for fashionistas and foodies alike.

This year's event takes place on this coming Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, at Benton Park Cafe. The images you're seeing in this post were taken at the last FoodxFashion event at Hiro Asian Kitchen.
The food side of this year's installment is helmed by Tyler Davis, local chef extraordinaire, while the fashion side is brought to the table (lol pun intended) by Jacqueline Nicole. As each course is delivered to attendees, a coordinating look will be modeled. 

From the press release for the dinner courses: 
Subject: Textures, colors, and progression of styles, travel, sophistication, elegance, young. 
“Tried to focus on what a girl wearing these garments would eat progressing from early day to evening.”, says Chef Tyler Davis.

1st Course/US: Salmon, Tomato, Cucumber, Horseradish, Bagel, Sorel
(Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Tomato, Everthing Bagel Chips, Horseradish Aoili, Sorel)
2nd Course/Italy: Beet, Taleggio, Walnut, Orange

(Beet Gnocchi, Cheese Sauce, Walnut Gremollata, Orange Confit, Amaranth)
3rd Course/Mexico: Beef Cheek, Hominy, Black Garlic, Radish
(Mole Negro Braised Beef Cheeks, Hominy Risotto, Black Garlic Romesco, Pickled Radish)
4th Course/France: Blackberry, White Chocolate, Sesame, Espresso
(Chocolate Cremoso, Blackberry Gelee, Black Sesame Tuile, Blackberry Puree, Espresso Caramel)

I'll be there on Tuesday taking in the work of Jacqueline Nicole and tasting the amazing food prepared by Chef Davis. You should join me! 

You may find more information on the Facebook page:

And to purchase your tickets (don't wait - there is limited seating!):

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