Arm Party Perfect: JORD Wooden Watches

Here's a little secret about my style habits: I often wear nothing on my wrists. This stems from currently being at a computer most of the day. While in college, I was either knee-deep in charcoal drawings or pottery clay when I wasn't sitting at a computer designing graphic things. That means I pretty much wore my claddagh ring and that was about it. Now that I'm not art-school dirty all the time, I'm able to adorn myself a little bit more elaborately. 

Enter JORD Wood Watches. This company is helping save my life. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but let's talk for a second about how busy we all are nowadays! If I don't peep at my phone every five minutes, I end up late to just about everything. The trouble with a smartphone is this: You go to check the time, and immediately fall down the social media hole and emerge like Rip Van Winkle twenty minutes later... and you're late to whatever you were supposed to be doing. 

When JORD connected with me, I was so excited because I had been thinking about needing a watch. Maybe then I could start to shake off my addiction to check my phone all the time. Not only are JORD watches perfect for keeping your @SS on time to things, they're ridiculously stylish. Wooden watches? Who would have thunk? I spent a great deal of time staring at their website, and then opted to choose a neutral number that would complement everything I wore. The Ely watch in natural green and maple has just enough color variation in the wood to keep the piece from looking flat. It also matches a lot of my thrifted arm candy perfectly! 

Having a watch around is helping me out quite a bit, and kept me running on time to meet my lovely lady friend Elizabeth for sushi this day. I wanted to pop into Siam to check out the space before my gig last Friday. It was a warm yet breezy day, so I opted for this awesome high-low vintage linen dress, and this even more awesome gigantic, oversized blazer. As my photographer Allan Crain said, I look like I should be hosting a music video TV show in 1984. I think David Byrne would approve of that statement. Mad shouts to that beautiful babe Elizabeth on my right. Me-OW! 

Outfit Details: 
Jacket and Dress: Thrifted   |   Rings/Bracelets: Thrifted/eBay/etc    |   Cream Bracelet: maurices (old)
Bolo Tie: eBay   |   Watch: c/o JORD Wood Watches   |   Shoes:  Lulu's   |   Sunglasses: SEE Eyewear

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