Day Trip Comfy Chic with Miss Elaine

Let's get this straight - I've never been very good at looking cute around the house or while just lounging about. It's usually ratty leggings, and some oversized T-shirt from a random event from high school. Flips flops (gasp!) are sometimes included in the at-home ensembles. I try to sort of follow that line of "dress as though you might die in those clothes," but sometimes comfort takes the reigns, so I look like a bum when walking the dog. And we know that sometimes you bump into cute boys also walking dogs, so... When I was contacted by Saint Louis-based clothing manufacturer  Miss Elaine, I knew I had to give one of their items a try. I met up with Stacey (thanks for driving to meet me!) from the company, and we had a great time chatting over smoothies about their products. 

The company has been around since 1926, and is based in Saint Louis. The business is family-run, and has been in the same family for three generations. From Stacey's account, the family and owners are very hands-on, traveling often to check out their manufacturing locations abroad, and are well-known by the workers there. Stacey says that they are reaching out to a younger crowd because their core demographic tends to be a little older, but I am definitely on board! The blue dress that Miss Elaine generously gifted to me is ridiculously comfy, has pockets, AND a built-in shelf bra. I wore it for the first time on a day trip I took with my friend Ciara to Charleville Vineyard Winery and Microbrewery. We visited the beautiful location with the intent to join in that day's YogaBuzz class, but due to getting lost, and not feeling comfortable busting into a class a half hour late, Ciara and I instead hung around the gorgeous grounds. It had been drizzling all day, but luckily we had a break in the weather just long enough to enjoy the patio. Ciara and I tried a couple of the beers on draft that Charleville offers, and I particularly loved the Barley Wine beer and the Box of Chocolate beer. I can't say no to anything to do with chocolate, and that was a very good dessert brew! 

What I loved about the Miss Elaine dress I wore (It's called the "Embrace Me gown") is that it was so lightweight. I wore it over my yoga shorts and sports bra, and it was just enough coverage to keep me warm while the rain was around, but cool and breathable enough when the sun peeped out. I plan on wearing it just like this to and from other yoga classes, too! The cobalt blue color is just the right amount of eye-catching.

If you'd like to get in on the comfy chic revolution with me, refer to Miss Elaine's site for more information on where to purchase their items:

Outfit Details:
Dress: c/o Miss Elaine  |  Hat: Urban Outfitters 
Sweater: c/o Heartland Underdog  |  Boots: Thrifted

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