Mani Monday: Essie's Perfect Spring Red

After my disaster with the nail salon, I was still left longing for a fun pinup-y red nail color. I found myself in the aisle of Walgreens, staring at and comparing various red nail polishes. With reds, I know that it can be difficult to tell what actual color the polish will be on your nails once applied. They can darken with multiple coats, and often don't reflect what you see in the bottle. 

After I spent a good five minutes picking up and putting back down a number of red polishes, I decided to take home Really Red. I wanted to find one that looked good against my skintone, and it can be tricky with blue-reds versus orange-reds. I think I picked the right one! It's such a bright, cheerful cherry red, and perfect for spring! I had to use four lightly-applied coats to reach this level of opacity because I prefer not to have the white tips of my nails show through. 

Do you wear bright reds? If so, do you prefer them on your fingers or toes?

Polishes Used:
Red: Essie's Really Red
Base & Top Coat: Seche Vite

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