Try It Out Tuesday: Green Bean Delivery

Happy Tuesday, loves!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I utilize Green Bean Delivery for my groceries. My lovely friend Adrain found a Groupon that works for new sign-ups, and I wanted to pass the savings along to you if you've ever thought of trying out a grocery delivery service. What's funny is this: I wrote this post and scheduled it last night. This morning I found an email in my inbox with an even better saving opportunity for you: If you sign up with my referral link below between now and June 29th, you'll receive $20 off an order! PLUS the Groupon, you'll be rolling in the cheap produce and groceries!

If you're not familiar with Green Bean, here's a bit on how it works: You sign up and select what type of bin you'd like to receive most. I use the combo bin, which allows me to order produce AND grocery items, like pasta or eggs. You edit how often you want to receive your bin (typically either every week or every other week), and you can even just turn them off for a few weeks in advance. You'll receive a reminder email about when you need to "edit" your bin, because the site automatically fills a bin for you. I have forgotten to edit a bin once or twice, and ended up with a couple produce items I wouldn't have ordered on my own, like corn still in its husk. Then in a couple days, your delivery appears at your residence or designated address! You can even leave instructions on where to put the bin if you live in an apartment complex like me, which is nice for keeping it out of sight of foot traffic on the street. I love that I can get home from the gym and fresh, often organic, food is waiting. I have seen some friends break down the cost of delivery services like this versus shopping at say, Trader Joe's or Aldi, but sometimes for me, the convenience outweighs saving $5 or what have you. 

What would be super awesome (full disclosure for honesty, of course!) is if you could use my "refer a friend" code to sign up! You'll receive that $20 off an order, and help me save as well. Way cool. 

Here's my code to sign up under:

And here is the Groupon link!

Let me know if you sign up, and what you think of your groceries showing up at your door! 

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