Win It Wednesday: Throwboy Poo Emoji

Happy Wednesday, loves! We're halfway through the traditional American 9-5 workweek, so if you follow that schedule like I do, happy hump day! And to help you get over your Wednesday woes, I have a contest for you to enter. I've teamed up with my darling friends over at Throwboy to give you the opportunity to have your very own poo emoji plushie! Throwboy is a locally-based company in our very own city! These young folks have a fun dream, and are doing it big. They have many of the most popular emojis, as well as some of the familiar social media icons, available as full-size throw pillows. Because I couldn't commit to having one of those emotional pillows staring at me constantly on my couch, I opted to go with the goofiest option: the poo emoji plush! You might have spied this snap up on my Instagram from a few days ago: 

That's my pretty pitbull mix, Cher! I don't know if she's ever actually made it on to the blog. I had to bribe her with a treat held above my head to manage this precarious shot. As soon I lowered my iPhone, she lost her marbles and attacked my plush. Don't worry - the one you'll win is still in its packaging on my kitchen table! For good measure, I had to also take a shot with my mom's dachshund, Nina, too. She was much less interested in the plush. 

If you'd like to enter, you have a week to do so! All you have to do is follow and like Throwboy and myself on Facebook and Twitter! Simple as that. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 19th! Follow the links on the Rafflecopter below, and good luck! 

Jill Firns2 Comments