Midweek Mani: Revlon's Spanish Moss

This week's midweek mani is an earthy color inspired by the dark greens and mossy tones that are often overlooked as summer colors! We tend to give a lot of praise to bright flowery colors and hues that evoke delicacy and transience, but I think that the deep rich greens that come out in the heat of summer are drastically under-appreciated! This color is called Revlon's Colorstay #190 "Spanish Moss" and is a deep gray-green -- almost like an army green. I decided on this color because I was getting a bit overwhelmed by all the polishes there are in the red/pink scheme, and how infrequently you seen blue/green colors. Anyway, I think the color is lovely if understated, and is a nice color if you're going for a professional yet summery look.

As for application, this was the first time I've used a Revlon polish and I have to say I was really impressed! The color is rich, barely requires the standard two coats, and has a very even application. The consistency itself is thin but the pigment is dense. These bottles come with a wide/flat brush that is a really nice acrylic. My only hesitation is that you definitely need a sturdy topcoat with this polish because of how thin the formula is - you need the extra sturdiness of a topcoat lacquer if it's going to last you 4-5 days chip-free. So, as usual I went with one coat OPI topcoat and one coat Seche Vite. Base coat was Seche Clear.

As a side note from last week's post, Sally Hansen's "Peach Party" partied hard! That polish barely had any chips even after seven days of wear. We will see how long Revlon's "Spanish Moss" lasts -- tune in next week!

Submitted by Meade Haller.