Midweek Mani: Covergirl's Sand Dollar

Hello lovelies! Welcome to a new feature I'm starting on the blog - Midweek Mani! I've been hoping to start involving a few friends in this little blog, and I've finally had one follow through! My darling gal Meade has agreed to kickoff this new series of Midweek Manis with a gorgeous nude nail polish that I think will interest my less-adventurous readers. You know, the readers who aren't about to run around with neon nails. I know you're out there! I want to make sure I'm involving polishes and colors that might interest you as well! And so Meade brings in a lovely polish just up your alley, with a fun summer name to boot. 

Meade says about this color: 

This polish is Covergirl's 3-in-1 Continuous Color #116 "Sand Dollar" -- this line of polishes is no longer in production but there are several bottles available through eBay. I fell in love with this great summer color as soon as I saw it because it really does have that shimmery mauve color of the sand dollars you find on a beautiful white sandy beach. This particular line of nail polishes is one of my favorites because it dries quickly and applies evenly. My only qualms with the line in general is that I wish there were more non-shimmer colors and more colors outside of the red/pink binary scheme.

The 3-in-1 promotional concept is that the polish should be able to be used without a base or topcoat. I have done this before but generally the polish will only last chip-free for three days this way. I always use Seche Vite clear base coat, at least two coats of the given color, one coat of OPI top coat to prevent chipping, and a final coat of Seche Vite to have a fast drying and lacquer finish. With this application style the color lasts chip-free for a minimum of four days, and actually will peel off like a gel polish after about five days. I kind of like this because I don't have to use acetone!

I personally think this color would be great for brides, or for people who are required to wear nude colors for their work environment. It is sort of a "my nails but better" color, don't you think?

Do prefer nudes like Sand Dollar, or are you more of a funky color fan like me? And are you stoked to see more polish on the blog?! I know I am. Check back for more guests posts!