Mani Monday: Subtle Pink and Dots

Happy Mani Monday! Last week when I sat down to do this little nail art manicure, I was goofed up on antibiotics and super tired so it originally came out looking like a Fourth of July manicure... which I was not looking for. So I repainted one nail and it came out like this!

So here's a little truth about me: I'm a packrat. I like to joke that it runs in the family, and I think my parents might agree. Hence why I have a hoard of nail polish with some bottles sitting around, never opened. This pale pink cream from Julep, "Lillian," was one of them. I don't remember when I received it (I have since canceled my Julep account to save money.), but I hadn't even removed it from its packaging until last week. 

I saw some complaints floating about on the internet about "Lillian" appearing "dirty" and not bright enough, but I actually really like its color! It's just the softest baby pink, and I feel like it is a fresh take on the ever-popular stark white nail. Some time back, my darling friend Marsha of Meero Mani Nails gifted me a few fun nail art tools, including a number of dotting pieces. I found them while organizing after moving into my new apartment and knew I had to use them! 

At first, I added just a line of dark blue dots down my ring finger on each hand, but it just didn't "do it" for me, so I picked up my bottle of Essie's "In The Lobby," which you may remember from this post. I added red dots to the rest of my nails, and then I realized that it was translating as red, white, and blue. Whoops! Luckily, Lillian had already set, so I was able to simply wipe off the blue dots and apply red dots instead! 

To achieve this level of opacity with "Lillian," I needed three coats. As with many light or pastel cream polishes, it's best to apply in thin coats with precision. However, clean up was easy with a concealer brush wetted with polish remover. I used the smaller end on the dotting tool seen above to make these red spots. I dripped some of "In The Lobby" onto a piece of tinfoil (it doesn't absorb any of the moisture from the polish) and dipped the tool into it, and then tapped it lightly on my nails. I think they look pretty great, especially not up so close! I painted this look on Tuesday evening, and it is now Sunday night as I write this post, with nary a chip in sight! Way to go on Lillian's formula, Julep! 

What do you think about the baby pink? 
Have you ever done a dotted look on your nails before?

Polishes Used:
Baby Pink Cream: Julep's Lillian
Dark Red: Essie's In the Lobby
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite