Babes Who Brunch: Gringo Edition

I'm pretty positive you could estimate that brunch is in the top 5 favorite things list of every young woman my age. We. Love. It. It's such a good way to start a weekend day, get your act together after a late night out, and visit with friends. Last Saturday, I met up with fellow blogger Michelle of Creature Type and my photographer friend Abby for brunch at Gringo in the Central West End. The location was suggested by Michelle, and although I have eaten dinner at Gringo, I had never considered them for brunch before. Because Saint Louis is so small, our waitress turned out to be my friend Nikki, and that was another nice treat. She's the perfect amount of perky for a brunch waitress, and I always love getting service from familiar faces. 

We all ordered a variety of items so we could get a good idea of the brunch offerings. Let's talk about those pancakes! The details: Buttermilk pancakes, spiced orange, cane sugar, Mexican cola syrup. The verdict: ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. I had the Chilaquiles, which is a sort of Mexican "lasagna" and was super tasty. I'll inhale anything that involves avocado. Michelle ordered the slinger, which she also declared to be delicious. She and I shared a pitcher of the blood orange margaritas, which were just the right kick in the pants to wake me up (and then later put me into a happy tequila coma during which I tried to go shopping... whoops). The margaritas were light and refreshing, and I don't think we were even able to finish the whole pitcher. And after we finished eating, we of course had to shoot some outfit pics! 

Last week we had a cool weather spell that allowed me to revel in my denim-heavy wardrobe without sweating my tush off. These skinnies are a hand-me-down from Elle of YogaBuzz. She gave me two huge bags of clothes that she no longer wanted - and these acid-washed babies are a perfect fit. The top is also a hand-me-down from my friend Lindsay of Heartland;Underdog. Outside of thrifting, I have some pretty cool friends with cute closets that contribute to my clothing obsession!

We poked around the CWE for a few minutes so I could show Michelle and Abby my grandmother's old house. I sorta grew up down there because Grandma watched me a lot while my parents worked. Her house was on the market for a very long time, but someone has finally moved in! That makes me very happy. 

I hope to be able to keep having brunch with more of my babes! Since I'm funemployed, I'm more available to spend the time doing brunch, but less inclined to want to spend money since I'm not really making any. I'm still on the job hunt, and hoping I'll find something soon that fits well!

Photos by Abby Gillardi

Outfit Details:
Top & Jeans: Hand-me-downs   |   Boots:   |   Bag & Necklace: Thrifted
Earrings: All Things Dandy   |   Glasses: Zenni Optical   |   Nail Polish: Read More