Valentines For The Similarly Pizza-Obsessed

So, for the first time in three years, I'm single on Valentine's Day. I honestly can't even remember what last year's Valentine's Day was like - does that happen to other people? Although that post last month may have made it seem like I'm in some weird hole of reflection regarding my last relationship, I'm really not. I feel very grateful for all that my ex taught me. I don't look at our relationship as a failure, but more of an intense lesson in love, understanding, and personal growth. He's a cool dude. But you know what? Pizza is cooler. 

Pizza doesn't let you down, unless the person who made it did a poor job. That's why I am pretty much in a relationship with the manager of my nearest Domino's, even though they don't know it. Every time this magical pizza maker named Vernette makes my pie (the Domino's tracker tells you who does what with your order), I know that box is gonna open up to one of the most glorious dinners ever. The toppings are evenly distributed, the crust is baked just right, and it's delivered still piping hot. Dear Vernette, you rock. I always leave a comment for you. I hope you see those. If not, just know you're basically my Valentine for 2016.