Tune Tuesday: Kali Uchis' Smokey Pop Sound

Music is so important to me for the simple reason that sometimes artists vocalize what you didn't even know you were thinking. I was surfing YouTube the other day, and I stumbled across Kali Uchis' "Loner." This 22 year old bombshell was born in Colombia but moved to Virginia with her family as a youngster. Her first "break" was in 2014, when she provided vocals for Snoop Dogg's mixtape That's My Work 3 on the song "On Edge." She appeared on Tyler the Creator's song "Yellow," and he also assisted in producing her song "Call Me." With names like that backing her up, I'm surprised I haven't heard of her until now!

I'm currently in the zone where I'm pretty much over dating. It's too messy, it's often a waste of time, and I have so many other priorities. Many of my friends are seeking potential dates, and I'm over here like "How about not?" As soon as I heard Uchi's "Loner," I thought, "That's me!" She sings about knowing that she doesn't want to have to worry about being eventually ignored or potentially discarded like a cigarette. I agree with the idea of choosing to be alone rather when you know you don't want to deal with the "headaches" of dealing with potential partners. 

"But if you don't want me now, no boy, I don't want you later." 

If you're into a genre blend of pop, doo-wop, reggaeton, and smokey vocals sung by a fierce pastel princess, I strongly suggest you start blasting Uchis' music in your car with your windows down. I'm pretty sure she'll be on heavy rotation throughout the coming warmer months for me!