Saturday Sounds: LIPS' "Traces of Teddy"

Sometimes I really wish I had a massive amount of money that would allow me to jet all over the world to see the live shows of bands I really enjoy. LIPS is one of those groups. They originally hail from New Zealand, but I noticed they've relocated to Brooklyn, NY. Maybe next time I'm in NYC they'll have a show scheduled! I remember discovering their cover of Kavinsky's "Nightcall" a couple years ago and listening to it over and over again on Soundcloud. It's a punchy, bright rework that still pays great attention to the feeling of the original.

I was poking through my Soundcloud favorites this week and rediscovered their work. Lo and behold, they are perfect for me once again. Their video for "Traces of Teddy" feels like the inside of my brain. Giant lip aliens, space babes, and vintagey sci-fi? Yes, please! I giggled out loud when the aliens pulled out an actual road map on their way to find Teddy. 

Take a listen and let me know what you think!